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Learn to read music with FUN and EASY lessons, songs & games

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Easy to understand lessons suitable for any age

The gift of music lasts a lifetime

lesson 1

Lesson 1

Learn about the notes and how long to play them for. Learn the TREBLE notes and where they live on the staff (set of five lines). There's a fun game and a song too, and some reward stickers to earn.

lesson 2

Lesson 2

Learn about the BASS notes and where THEY live on the staff. Have fun with another game, some songs, and there's more
reward stickers too.

lesson 3

Lesson 3

In this lesson we put it all together to match up the Treble and Bass notes with the keys on the keyboard. We play more games and quizzes so learning becomes fun - with more reward stickers to earn! Can you earn them all?


After completing the lessons you can practice and play what you have learnt on the app keyboard and be ready to learn
ANY musical instrument you choose!

  • KeyMan pops up to guide you through the lessons. His body is a piano key and his arms, legs, face & hat are music notes and symbols
  • Earn reward STICKERS when you finish the games & quizzes
  • Learn at your own pace and do the lessons as many times as you like
  • Play songs on the App Keyboard anytime, anywhere
  • Just like Do-Re-Mi you can learn to read music in 1-2-3!

Get in Touch

The iLearn Music App has been created by an experienced music teacher who is a grandmother and lives in Queensland, Australia. She still to this day teaches young children to read music and play piano/keyboard. The App was designed to complement traditional music lessons and help provide a solid grounding in music theory.

We welcome your feedback with any comments or suggestions, and we hope you enjoy learning to read music with our App.